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Irene Phillips, osteopath of the BackCare Clinic was recently named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who.

This special distinction honours individuals who have show exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success.

Irene Phillips The BackCare Clinic

Irene Phillips The BackCare Clinic

As an osteopath of BackCare Clinic, M s Phillips specialises in the treatment of chronic back and neck pain, scoliosis, whiplash, sports injuries and prolapsed discs.

In her spare time, she writes health-related articles for the benefit of the medical community.

Ms Phillips was the first osteopath in the world to use a powered spinal mobilisation tool (Theraflex) and she regularly trains overseas users of Theraflex in powered reflex therapy.

She attributes her success to her motivation and interest in what she does. She became involved in her profession because she has worked in various management, training, counselling and marketing roles prior to becoming an osteopath.

Ms Phillips received a Bachelor of Science in osteopathy from Kingston University in 1996; Bachelor's Degree in Social Psychology LSE 1979.

Irene Phillips is a member of the General Osteopathic Council, the British Osteopathic Association, The Complementary Medicine Association and the Football Association Sports Medicine Society.

Matthew Voigts DO

Matthew Voigts DO

Matthew Voigts is the only osteopath in the UK to use the AtlasPROfilax system to correct problems at C1 (Atlas) or the first cervical vertebra in the neck.

This is particularly beneficial for whiplash patients and scoliosis patients to level the shoulders, uneven leg length etc.
Some research carried out in Germany using MRI scans found that 98% of their random sample had problems at C1, which shows it is beneficial for everyone.
Matthew has recently been promoted to the board of AtlasPROfilax in Switzerland.
Matthew will be working at the BackCare Clinic on a Tuesday once a month as I have seen the amazing changes he has made in my patients as it works really well together with the Theraflex system.

It is a one off treatment with a follow up a month later. The cost is £225 for adults and £120 for under 16s. Payment should be paid in cash or cheque to Matthew direct.

Patients can phone the clinic or book online with Matthew at The BackCare Clinic Worcester Park.

For more information see his website www.voigtsspinalsolutions.com

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