Testimonials and Press Comments – Back Care in Worcester Park

Please read the testimonials and press releases of customers and experience professionals who have received back care treatments from Irene Phillips at The BackCare Clinic in Worcester Park.

Article by Irene in

Positive Health Magazine

April 2011

BarterCard Magazine

TalkBack Magazine
Winter 2007 - Visit to the Osteopath Interview with Irene demonstrating Theraflex and the SpinalMouse.

Irene Phillips' tips on Posture -

Men’s Health Zest October 2007 Spinal Mouse Check
- Article Get Happy, Get Healthy in 10 minutes No. 9 feel good fix at top of page

Men's Health July 2007
Advice by Irene Phillips on deck chairs

Grazia 16.4.2007 Spinal Mouse Health Check Men’s Health
Article Advice by Irene Phillips

Family Circle April 2006
".. TAMARS - Of all the treatments I have tried, it has had the best results." Roz Lewis Health Journalist

Daily Mail 

June 7th 2005 I was chatting to Pierce Brosnan and all I could think about was my searing back pain. But now this "bionic hand" has soothed away the agony”. Madeline Holt, Culture correspondent, BBC

Country Life
July 2005 A bed and board. Back trouble in its organic form ...."Now I am in a position to insist that I know the only person in the world who can make bad backs better". Jonathan Self Journalist

Financial Times
May 2005 A little gadget with the strength to end a surfer's blues. ...For back sufferers the world over I have good and bad news. The good news is that this treatment seems to work. Unfortunately the availability of units is limited. If you can find a machine, try it. It might just change your life. Ben Hunt Journalist

Zest Magazine
February 2006 Zest Test Power-Assisted Micro-manipulation

Daily Express
October 2001 The machine that ironed out my damaged spine. New treatment offers hope for disabling back conditions.

Woman’s Own
My back pain was cured by a bionic hand. Maggie was on eight painkillers a day for her bad back. It'd been that way for ages so she didn't have much hope, when she read of a miracle cure.

Company Digest
November 1999 Solving the Back Pain epidemic by Irene Phillips

Positive Health
1998 Power Assisted Micro-manipulation - a revolutionary treatment to combat back pain by Irene Phillips

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