The BackCare Clinic are delighted to announce we have been able to add the AtlasPROfilax® pain relief system to our treatment options

AtlasPROfilax® offers an incredible, 100% Natural Method to assist with pain treatment, discomfort and pain prevention and self-healing. This simple, safe and quick correction method has seen patients with various types of pain and conditions experience amazing results - even just after their first 45 minute session.

Matthew Voigts, an osteopath with 25 years experience will be working at the clinic one Tuesday a month.

AtlasPROfilax is a natural non-invasive method developed by Renee-Claudius Schumperlii between 1993 and 1996. This technique allows the correction of a minor dysfunction of the Atlas - the first verebra of the spinal column - through a regulated vibropressure on particular short muscles in the neck.

Among the most frequent causes of minor dysfunction of the Atlas are events such as

instrument assisted births, some obstetric handlings, moderate traumas to the cranio-mandibular area and accidents such as whiplash. A 5 year scientific imaging study using MRI and CAT in 3D demonstrated that a great proportion of the population have a deviation and would benefit from this treatment.

The studies showed that it showed great improvements in cervical pain, idiopathic scoliosis, fibromyalgia, herniated discs in neck and lumbar spine, migraines or vascular headache and carpal tunnel syndrome.

AtlasPROfilax is the application of a specific massage of the short muscles of the neck to allow a natural realignment of the Atlas. It is performed in a single session which is followed by a check up a few weeks later. There is no forceful manipulation of the neck.

Once the Atlas is corrected there tends to be a progressive restoration of good posture, a natural realignment of the vertebrae as well as a decrease in pressure on articulations such as the hips and knees. It works wells with other treatments such as the Theraflex system to carry the natural unwinding of the spine.

Don't just take our word for it! Here is a testimonial from a patient who's daughter and mother-in-law have received treatment from the AtlasPROfilax for their Scoliosis & Severe Migraine issues.

Cost of treatment is £225 for adults and and £125 for under 16s to include follow up. Payment should be made in cash or cheque only.

For more information or to book your AtlasPROfilax® session today, please Contact The BackCare Clinic today

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