PBK Electrotherapy

Various electrotherapies have been used over the years but the PBK system can be used for a number of different treatments.

PBK Electrotherapy

PBK was developed by a medical engineer in Italy, Prof Piccone. 

He noticed that a range of responses could be induced depending on the shape of the voltage waveform and the duration and frequency of the impulses.

Some of the conditions PBK treats are diabetic ulcers, orthopaedic and sports injuries such as shoulder, back and neck pain, Achilles tendonitis, knee pain etc.

A PBK Electrotherapy treatment session is generally accompanied with Theraflex treatment and may last about 12 minutes depending on the area being treated.

Although outside my realm of treatment the programmes include those for sinusitis, Acne, IBS, facial toning etc.

For more information on the PBK Therapy back care treatments, please contact The BackCare Clinic today

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