Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

The Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM) back pain relief treatment, combined with additional back pain treatment, ensures progressive improvements without uncomfortable force

Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

Using the PIM (Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation) we can provide an alternative therapy to manual therapy using a tool a bit like a chiropractor's activator, 

Principles are based on Maitland Mobilisations, Mulligan Concepts and Osteopathic principles.

It can be used to adjust the neck, spine, shoulders and ribs, elbows and wrists.

It is a safe procedure rather than cracking bones.

Although the Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM) device looking very similar to activator instruments used by many chiropractors, its practical application varys quite significantly.

PIM applicator pupose strictly matches the physiotherapy model of joint and spinal mobilisation opposed to the chiropractic activator practice.

In short, a PIM-trained therapist like Irene will treat you differently based on Mulligan Principles

Below is an image of Irene Phillips from The Backcare Clinic, completing her Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation training course

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