Theraflex Treatment

This revolutionary treatment consists of a bionic hand powered by air which relaxes muscles, stimulates the spinal stretch reflexes and mobilises the spine in a more efficient way than using the hands alone.

Theraflex is the next generation of PAMM (The Powered Assisted Micro-manipulation) unit.


My oldest patient is in her nineties and therefore it is quite safe for conditions such as osteoporosis, etc.

The Theraflex treatment is carried out on a specially designed plinth which puts the spine into a gentle form of traction.

Treatment is carried out with the patient lying prone whilst the operator runs the equipment gently over the spine.

The average number of treatment session is approximately 3, with the first two being held closer together in the first week and then the third treatment approximately about a week later, depending on the patient's problem.

Treatment may consist of other protocols, such as ultrasound, dry needling, PER 2000, etc.

The average time for using the Theraflex on patients is usually about 10-30 minutes depending on the patient's tolerance and pain levels. The Theraflex treatment can be carried out from either a seated or standing position.

The patient will be asked to carry out a simple exercise, such as walking tall for 10 minutes for 10 days following the treatment.

Patients with scoliosis generally do find their curves are reduced but this can vary over time as ribs need to grow and change over time if there is a difference.

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