Back Care Consultation

At The BackCare Clinic Worcester Park, consultations last for up to 45 minutes. First of all you will complete a form for to cover your medical history, site of pain, current symptoms, medications, surgery etc. to assist in formulating a correct diagnosis.

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You will then be shown our Theraflex treatment and a brief talk about what to expect during and after treatment and the suggested 10 minute walking tall exercise for 10 days which is an important part of the treatment.

You will then be physically examined where you will be asked to undress to your underwear (robes are provided) and to carry out a few simple movements.

Trousers are not generally required to be removed, unless the problem is in the knee etc. where shorts will be useful.

You may be given a SpinalMouse scan which measures the posture, flexibility and core muscle strength. Alternatively you will be asked to perform a range of movements which will be logged.

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However, if your examination and case history indicate that further medical examinations such as an MRI scan, X-ray etc. your GP may be contacted with your permission. All your information is confidential and your notes will be stored in a secure place.

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We usually carry out a Theraflex treatment on the spine and may work on other areas depending on the condition, e.g. shoulders, knees etc.

The average number of treatments is 3 and we try to do the first two sessions in the first week and the third about a week later.

Like all treatments, some patients may experience soreness after treatment.

This is to be expected and the discomfort will go after a further day or two. We usually combine treatment with other electrotherapies such as PIM, PBK, CLRT, long wave ultrasound and sometimes dry needling.

The Theraflex treatment runs off compressed air and is therefore safe with pacemakers as is the cranial laser reflex technique (CLRT) and dry needling.

We also recommend a six monthly MOT to keep the spine more supple and will send you a reminder nearer the time.

For more information and to book your back care consultation, contact The BackCare Clinic today

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